Competition 2018

Festival Rules International Choir Festival Cantarode 2018


A. General

  1. CantaRode will take place from Thursday 10th to Monday 14th May 2018 in the city of Kerkrade, the Netherlands.
  2. This choral festival includes the following (for all participating choirs obliged) parts:
    • An openingconcert
    • A leagueof2rounds
    • A concertin Kerkradeor its region, which includes a part of GermanyandBelgium
    • Participation at a public singing event
    • AnAward Ceremony, WinnersConcertandClosing Concert
  3. There are two categories:
    • Mixed choirscomprising of12-40
    • Choirswithequal voicescomprising of12-40 Both women’s choirs and men’s choirs are permitted to compete
  4. The choirs must be amateur choirs.
  5. Choirs of Universities, Conservatories and ‘Musikhochschulen’ can participate.
  6. The minimum age of each singer is at least 16 years old.
  7. Performers cannot claim compensation when being recorded and/or broadcasted by radio or television, photographed or during the set up of CD’s and DVD’s. The rights of records or broadcasts belong to CantaRode.
  8. CantaRode is not responsible for any accidents, theft, etc during the festival.
  9. All correspondence should be via the Secretariat of CantaRode.
  10. Copyrights of the works to performed should be managed by the choirs themselves.
  11. All arrangements will be reviewed by the Artistic Commission in advance.

B. Registration

  1. The secretariat must receive all tenders by 1 February 2017.
  2. The registration is done exclusively via the registration form on this website:
    download registration form
  3. The registration is done by the board or leader of the choir and must be sent by mail
    or e-mail to the secretariat of CantaRode.
  4. The registration fee is 200 Euro per choir per category and must be paid at least on February 1st 2018 on the account of CantaRode.
  5. All e-mail correspondence should be sent solely through:
  6. Choirs wishing to register for CantaRode International Choir Festival must submit by mail of e-mail:
    1. A completed registration form. The name ofthe choirshouldbebothin the language of the country of origin and in English.
    2. A recent curriculum vitae of the choir in English of Dutch.
    3. A recent curriculum vitae of the choir master in English or Dutch.
    4. Two recent pictures of the choir and one picture of the choir masterin digital format JPG or Tiff format, minimum 330 dpi.
    5. A recent recording in the form of a CD/DVD or MP3 of a live concert, not older than two years with at least three a cappella compositions should be mailed.
      (Records in another format than CD/DVD or MP3 can only be accepted after a request to and approval of the board of CantaRode).
    6. The programs of competition rounds 1and 2 with a brief summary of each particular choral work should be submitted in English or Dutch. The titles of the works to be performed must be in the original language as well as in English.
    7. An original score of every composition performed during both rounds of the competition. All scores must contain the name, first name and date of birth and, if applicable, year of death of the composer.
    8. The programproposal forthe concertin the region of Kerkrade,with aduration of 20-25 minutes.
  7. Registrations will only be accepted if all required documents and scores have been submitted on time and in completeness.
  8. Choirs who register for both categories will be treated as separate choirs.
  9. Each choir will send a complete list of all members/participants before April 15th 2018. The list can be sent by e-mail to the secretariat of CantaRode. This list must contain: name, surname, genus, date of birth and voice group or function (choir master, chairman, companion).

C. League program

Each choir will participate in two rounds of competition.

Competition Round 1; Friday, May 11th, 2018

This concert:

  • Contains at least17 ​​to 20minutes of puresingingtimeand is exclusively a capella
  • Must contain at leastonepiece from theRenaissance/Baroque period.
  • Mustcontain at least one piece fromthe Romantic period.
  • Mustcontain at least one piece from the20th/21th
  • Must contain at least one piece by a composer from the country of origin of the choir.

NB: The order the pieces are performed is to be decided by the choir.

Competition Round 2; Saturday, May 12, 2018

During this concert:

  • Eachchoir canperforma programof their choice.
  • Assistancewithone or more instrumentsis permitted,with a maximum of
  • The durationof the performancemust bebetween 12 and15
  • Theorder the pieces are performedis to be decided by the choir. Thefinal order should be passed at the latest by April 15th, 2018 to the secretariat (by e-mail).

NB: Soloistic interpretation should be limited and is not included in the rating.


D. Selection

  1. The selection of the registered choirs will be done based on the application material. (See B6).
  2. The registered choirs will be informed in late January 2018 whether they are accepted to participate. The admission will be confirmed after the receipt of the registration fee. When a selected choir cancels their participation the entry fee will not be refunded.


E. Jury

  1. The international jury consists of five members.
  2. The jury adjudicates all choirs and thereafter makes a final ranking in each category.
  3. All participating choirs receive a written assessment of each juror.
  4. The assessment rate for both competition rounds is 50%.
  5. The verdict of the jury is binding.


F. Reception and overnight stay of the participating choirs 

  1. Location of registration upon arrival is the Festival Secretariat (The address will be published later).
  2. Each choir will get assigned a permanent supervisor for the whole festival.
  3. All selected choirs should take care of the organization of their stay and their travelling costs to and from Kerkrade themselves. To obtain a grant for the travelling costs, from their own country, it is possible to request a written invitation from the secretariat. A list of hotels in the region can be supplied by CantaRode.


G. Prizes – Proclamation

The prizes per category:

1st Prize (highest number of points): € 1,500.-
2nd Prize: € 1,000.-
3rd Prize: € 750.-

Special prizes:

Prize for best conductor: € 250.-
Prize for the performance of the composition from the country of origin € 250.-
Prize of the public € 250.-

Approved by the board of the CantaRode Foundation, September 2nd, 2017.

Download Festival rules as PDF