Polish and Belgian singers win CantaRode 2018

The fourth edition of the International Choral Festival CantaRode in Kerkrade ended ex aequo. The first prize went to both the young ladies’ choir Amaranthe from Oudenaarde in Belgium and the choir of the Maritime University of Szczecin in Poland. According to the jury, the difference in quality between both choirs was so minimal that it was decided to award both choirs the first prize.

Also the third prize of CantaRode 2018 went to two choirs: the Russian Ozarenie of the Moscow Music Society and the mixed choir of the School of Economics from Warsaw in Poland. This last choir won the first prize at CantaRode three years ago.

Extra prizes
A second prize was not awarded. However, there were four additional prizes. The prize for the best conductor was for Johannes Dewilde of Amaranthe. And the audience award was also awarded to Amaranthe, with which this choir went home with no less than three prizes.

The ‘Klankstadprijs’ for the choir with the most innovative repertoire went to the mixed choir of the School of Economics from Warsaw, so this choir could also take home two prizes. The prize for the best execution of a work from the country of origin went to ‘Watersong’ of the choir of the Maritime University of Szczecin. With that, all prize-winning choirs were awarded double prizes. For all other choirs (fourth to ninth prize) there was a certificate. The choirs also receive an extensive jury report with tips and advice.

Look at all the results of the competition of CantaRode 2018

It was this year for the fourth time that the International Choral Festival Cantarode was organized. From last Thursday, about 250 singers and their accompanists from all parts of the world were guests in the ‘music city’ of Kerkrade in the Netherlands. They gave various concerts and performances in the region and took part in the competition on Friday and Saturday in the renewed Parkstad Limburgtheater HUB. The reactions of the audience were extremely enthusiastic at all performances.

CantaRode 2019
The next edition of CantaRode is planned for the Ascension weekend of next year: 30 May to 2 June 2019, of course again in the Klankstad Kerkrade.