Ozarenie of the Moscow Music Society  

The chamber choir ‘Ozarenie’ of the Moscow Musical Society was founded in 1995. All the singers are students and former students from various music institutions in Russia, music teachers and other vocalists. The choir has won several international prizes in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, France, Great Britain and Russia. They also performed in the neighbourhood of Kerkrade: in the Belgian city of Maasmechelen.

Ozarenie is affiliated with the European choir organization Europa Cantat. In addition to the work of the great international composers, the choir sings mainly work from contemporary Russian composers and work from what composers who are known as ‘forgotten Russian masters’. The choir from Moscow is also experimenting with new stylistic techniques and modernist work by composers from Scandinavia, Belgium and Hungary.

Ozarenie has been under the leadership of Olga Burova since its founding. She graduated from the well-known Gnessin Academy in Moscow. As a conductor and music teacher, she is associated with various institutes and has also won various international prizes.