Choir Canzona 

Canzona is the choir of the Technical University of Koszalin in Poland. It exists since January 2017 and is the result of a merger of two other choirs: the Koszalin University Choir and the Canzona Choir of the Koszalin Cultural Center. The members of the choir are students and graduates of the Technical University of Koszalin and graduates from other universities.

The choir’s repertoire ranges from early music to contemporary religious, secular and folk music, as well as negro spirituals, jazz and pop music. The choir regularly works together with the philharmonic orchestra of Koszalin and also participated in the international organ festival of Koszalin. The predecessors of the current choir won prizes in Finland, Italy and Poland.

Canzona is led by Radosław Wilkiewicz, professor at Szczecin Art Academy. He was also involved in the first Canzonakoor since 2009. He studied music in the city of Bydgoszcz in Poland. Wilkiewicz has been conducting various choirs since 1993, with which he won numerous prizes at festivals. Twenty years ago he received the silver honorary medal from the Polish association of choirs and orchestras. He is still connected to the music academy of Bydgoszcz.

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Choir of Maritime Universeit of Szczecin

The choir of the Maritime University of Szczecin in North-West Poland exists for 14 years. The choir has more than 70 members, including singers and musicians. The choir has a varied repertoire from classical works to music by contemporary composers.

In their performances, the Polish singers try to incorporate subtle and cheerful choreography in addition to the music. The choir is the initiator of its own artistic project ‘Common Sounds’ in Poland, in which jazz music and Latin American sounds are combined with more classical choral works. Over the past seven years, the choir has won over 40 awards, including 9 grand prix and 17 gold medals at festivals in Poland, Italy, France, Spain, Turkey, Macedonia, Lithuania, Malta, Ireland, Ecuador and Russia. The choir also often performs with well-known Polish artists.

The Szczecin University Choir is led by Sylwia Fabianczyk-Makuch PhD. She already makes music since she was five years old. She studied at the conservatories of Legnica, Poznan, Bydgoszcz and Warsaw. As a conductor, she has participated in numerous festival and competitions at home and abroad. She has been awarded a medal for her dedication to Polish culture. She also won various other cultural prizes. Fabianczyk also performs regularly as a juror at choir festivals. In addition, she is also a lecturer at the Maritime University of Szczecin.

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Warsaw School of Economics Choir

The Warsaw School of Economics Choir is the choir of the University of Warsaw in Poland. The choir exists for more than 40 years. The members of the choir are mainly students and former students of the university. But also some singers from outside the university world involved. The choir sings both classical and contemporary music.

This choir is highly regarded in the Polish music world and has won various prizes at festivals in the Poland and abroad over the years. The choir performed among others in Germany, Switzerland, Portugal and Slovenia. In 2015, the Warsaw School of Economics Choir won the first prize at the CantaRode International Choir Festival.

The choir is led by Tomasz Hynek. He is a director, composer and conductor. He graduated from the Music and Theater Academy in Warsaw.

The choir participates at CantaRode in three categories: men’s choirs, women’s choirs and mixed choirs and therefore counts for three choirs.

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