The womens choir Amaranthe from the city of Oudenaarde in Belgium exists since November 2006 and has about 25 members. The choir’s repertoire contains classical and contemporary music. In 2015, Amaranthe won the choir festival in Kontich near Antwerp and in February 2016 they promoted to a higher level in the Belgium choir competition.

Amaranthe also performed in Serbia, Spain and Italy and received several prizes at national and international choir competitions. Last summer it successfully participated in the international festival ‘Musica eterna Roma’ and won two prizes there.

The conductor of Amaranthe since 2012 is Johannes Dewilde. He studied at the conservatories of Ghent and Antwerp. Besides being a conductor, he also is a trumpet player and he works as a music teacher in Ghent. In 2015 Dewilde taught at the University of Easter Finland. He also conducts a few other choirs in Belgium.

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The women’s choir Furiosa is one of the four choirs of Arte Musicale, an organization of several choirs and orchestras from Wondelgem in Belgium. The youth choir Furiosa was formed in 2009 by members of the youth choir Furiakanti, who had outgrown this choir, but would like to continue singing together. The choir consists of twenty-seven singers, who form a close group both on and off stage.

Furiosa focuses on equal vocal choral work from the most recent choral literature. The choir participated in the regional Choral competition in Ghent for the first time in 2012 and immediately won a first prize.. The choir is now on stage in the highest classification. Participation at CantaRode is the first international performance of this relatively young choir.

Furiosa is led by Steve de Veirman. He studied at the Music Academy Emiel Hullebroeck in Gentbrugge and at the Lemmensinstitute in Leuven. Besides singing and choral conducting he also is a musician in piano, cello and baroque flutes. De Veirman conducts various famous Belgian choirs and orchestras.

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