Gospel choir Gioia replaces ‘Congo’

From Congo we have been informed that the members of the Choeur des Seraphins do not get a visa to come to the Netherlands for the International Choir Festival Cantarode. This means that the competition will take place with one choir less. During the ‘World Concert’ on Friday evening 11 May in Schimmert, the Gospel Choir Gioia from Landgraaf will perform with music and dance instead of ‘Choeur des Seraphins’.

We are very happy with this alternative. Gioia once started with six women with a shared passion for gospel music. In the meantime, the choir has grown into a close group of more than 40 singers, ranging in age from 15 to 55 years. The choir belongs to the top of the gospel interpreters in the region. So they keep the theme of the concert ‘music from all parts of the world’ absolutely intact. Gioia has developed a unique style of mime dance, which is interwoven at various moments in their performance. Together with the performance of Ozarenie from Moscow and Mannenkoor Beeker Liedertafel, it will be a very nice concert.