What is CantaRode?
CantaRode is the name of an international festival for chamber choirs in the city of Kerkrade in the Netherlands.

What does the name CantaRode mean?
‘Canta’ is Latin for singing. ‘Rode’ comes from ‘The Land of Rode’, an ancient name for the region Kerkrade en the German neighbour town of Herzogenrath (which means: Duke of Rode)

When is CantaRode?
The next edition of CantaRode International Choir Festival will take place from May 30. until June 2nd. 2019.

Where wil the festival take place?
CantaRode wille take place in the city of Kerkrade (in the Netherlands) and it’s region. The league will be held in a concert hall in Kerkrade. Several concerts will be given in the region Kerkrade and  the surrounding area’s in Germany and Belgium.

Why is the festival in Kerkade?
In the city of Kerkrade are for many years several well-known music festivals, like the World Music Contest (WMC) and the Orlando Festival (chamber music). For that reason Kerkrade is known as a ‘City of music’. So far a choral festival was missing.

Who can participate?
All amateur chamber choir with a certain level from all over  the world can participate. This can be mixed choirs or men’s or women’s choirs. All participants have to be at least 16 years old. After sending the registration form the artistic commission will decide which choirs will be allowed to participate.

How many choirs can participate?
Totally there will be 10-15 choirs at the festival of CantaRode competition.

Is CantaRode a one-off event?
No. The CantaRode Foundation is ambitious en will let the festival grow until a two-year event.

What does it cost toe participate at CantaRode?
The costs will be indicated on the registration form 2019.

Are spectators allowed during the concerts?
Sure. For all the concerts will be tickets available.

Who can I contact for more information?
You can reach he organization of CantaRode at the email address: info@cantarode.nl