Eleven top choirs to choral festival CantaRode

This year eleven top choirs will participate in the International Choir Festivals CantaRode in Kerkrade. The choirs come from all parts of the world: from Canada to Congo and from Russia to Belgium. CantaRode takes place from the 10th until the 14th of May in Kerkrade.

CantaRode International Choir Festival is held for the fourth time this year. The festival consists of various elements, including an opening concert, a competition between the eleven participating choirs, concerts by these and other choirs in the region of Kerkrade and a music festival, which has been given the name ‘Night of the Choirs’.

All over the world
The choirs participating in the competition come from Belgium, Canada, Congo, the Netherlands, Poland and Russia. It concerns various types of chamber choirs. They are all amateur singers, who perform at an absolute top level. What’s special, is that the winner of the previous CantaRode competition 2015 – the choir of the Warsaw School of Economics – will return to Kerkrade to defend the title. The jury then spoke with special praise for these young Polish singers.

All other choirs are participating in CantaRode for the first time. Among the participants there is also a number of university choirs. All choirs are led by highly renowned conductors. For the first time now, also a choir from Kerkrade itself will participate, it’s an ensemble of the ‘Chevremonts Man Choir 1912’, which won two bronze medals last year during a competition in Germany. It also was one of the winners at a regional choir festival in the Netherlands.

The choirs participating in the competition must perform works from various style periods, plus a song from their country of origin. The jury consists of five internationally renowned musicians. The competition of CantaRode will take place on Friday the 11th and Saturday the 12th of May. The other concerts will take place at various locations in the same weekend.